Seawater Desalination Membranes

Our Seawater Reverse Osmosis Membranes offer the highest productivity while maintaining excellent salt rejection

2.5 inch Seawater Desalination Membranes

We stock a full range of the most widely used 2.5 inch seawater membrane in the world, manufactured by DOW Filmtec USA, Dow Filmtec is the major reverse osmosis membranes manufacturer in the world.


SW30-2540 / SW30-2521 Applications:

  • Seawater desalination systems.
  • Marine and Maritime watermakers.
  • Yacht and boat desalination units.
  • Watermaker membrane replacement.

Competitive Reverse Osmosis Membranes Comparison Guide Dow Filmtec / GE Desal / Hydranautics / Tory / CSM

LanxessDow / Filmtec GE / Desal Hydranautics Toray CSM
Lanxess B085 HF 4040Filmetc BW30-4040GE Desal AG4040FFHydranautics CPA2-4040Toray TM710CSM RE4040-BE
Lanxess B085 LE 4040Filmetc LE-4040 Hydranautics ESPA2-LD-4040 CSM RE4040-BLN
Lanxess B085 FR 4040  Hydranautics LFC3-LD-4040Toray TML10D 
Lanxess S085 HR 4040Filmetc SW30-4040GE Desal SE4040FFHydranautics SWC1-4040Toray TM-810LCSM RE4040-SHA
Lanxess B400 HFFilmetc BW30-400GE Desal AG8040F400Hydranautics CPA3Toray TM720-400CSM RE8040-BE
Lanxess B400 HRFilmetc BW30-400 Hydranautics CPA5-LD  
Lanxess B400 FRFilmetc BW30-400FR Hydranautics LFC3-LD-8040Toray TML20D-400CSM RE8040-FEn34
Lanxess B400 LEFilmetc LE-400GE Desal AK8040FHydranautics ESPAToray TM820H-370CSM RE8040-BL
Lanxess S400 HRFilmetc SW30HRLE–400 Hydranautics SWC3Toray TM820H-400 TM820C-400 CSM RE8040-SH
LanxessDow / FilmtecGE / DesalHydranauticsTorayCSM

PS: this chart is a general guide only, please email us to source membranes for you or offer an alternative that is currently stocked

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