Benchtop Water Filters

Convenient and Easy to Use

Benchtop water filters are designed for user-friendly installation and operation. These compact systems can be placed on your countertop or near your sink, providing instant access to filtered water. Enjoy the convenience of clean, healthy water without the hassle of complicated plumbing or extensive modifications..

Benchtop Filtered Instant Boiling and Chilled Water Dispenser
Benchtop Instant Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Filtration System

Instant Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

Next-generation All-in-one Water Staion

A convenient appliance that provides you with undless filtered hot and cold water instantly. It combines the functionality of a water dispenser with a reverse osmosis filtration system to ensure clean and purified water.

Our all-in-one system is plumbed-in to ensure a limitless supply of great-tasting and clean drinking water with your choice of water temperatures. 

Its compact stylish design allows it to fit snugly on any kitchen counter making it the perfect hot and cold filtered water dispenser for any home or small office.


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