Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Low Energy (LE type) RO membrane elements are recommended for low salinity applications or in applications where low energy consumption is an important consideration.

The LE low pressure RO membranes are designed with a highly efficient polyamide membrane bar­rier layer, providing high flow productivity combined with excellent salt rejection.

The LE low pressure reverse osmosis membranes are based on a 10.3 bar (115 PSI) test pressure.


Ultra Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Ultra Low Pressure (ULP) RO elements have a highly permeable composite polyamide (PA) membrane. They are designed for low salinity water to operate at ultra low pressure (ULP). The high permeability results in up to 40% lower energy consumption compared to standard elements. The ultra low pressure ULP RO Membranes are characterized by:
• High rejection of organic compounds
• Low energy demand.

The ULP ultra low pressure reverse osmosis membranes are based on a 7.8 bar (110 PSI) test pressure.


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