2.5″x21″ Membrane Pressure Vessel



1000 PSI Membrane Housing For Watermakers & Seawater Desalination

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2.5" x 21" RO Membrane Pressure Vessel, 2521 Membrane Housing.

1000 PSI Desalinator Membrane Housing for Watermakers & Seawater Desalination Systems.

2.5 inch x 21 inch RO membrane pressure vessel / RO membrane module.

1000 PSI fiberglass reverse osmosis membrane pressure vessel / 2.5 inch seawater membrane housing.

Size: 2.5 inch x 21 inch, can suit 2.5x21" seawater RO & watermaker membranes, like Filmtec SW30-2521

Material: Fiberglass reinforced polymer, FRP Membrane Housing.

This end port membrane pressure vessel is widely used as a watermaker membrane housing.


Duplex stainless steel end caps.

Feed/concentrate end port 1/4” BSP female (Duplex stainless steel).

Permeate end port 1/4 BSP female (Duplex stainless steel).


White polyurethane outermost coating provides extra protection to environment and good appearance.

Quality Watermaker membrane housing, Watermaker parts.

Buy Watermaker membrane and housing & SAVE.

The best membrane housing pressure vessel's price and quality.
Free delivery Australia, Fast delivery New Zealand.

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Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 70 × 10 × 10 cm


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