2 in 1 Single Under Sink Water Filter

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  • Combined sediment and carbon filter, 
  • Compact design, takes up less space.
  • Reduces chlorine, bad tastes & odors, organics, dust, rust, sludge, particle and sediment.

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  • 2 in 1 Compact Single Under Sink Filtration System
    • Compact design, takes up less space.
    • This filter is combined sediment and carbon filter by special formation. It can superseded these two filters effectively while maintaining 2 kind of filters’ functions such as removing of particles, dirt, particles, dust, rust, sludge, chlorine, chemicals, odour and bad test , thereby producing quality water.
    • Produces great-testing water.
    • Suitable for small families and/or good quality mains water.
    • This under sink water filter system is the latest in modern design and water filtration technology.
    • PATENTED Products, Compact modern slimline design.
    • Cartridge replacements are fast, clean and easy. DIY, no tools, no drip, simple push & twist filter cartridge replacement, like changing a light bulb. Components are certified to NSF Standards.
    • Comes with complete installation fittings: pressure reducing valve, 1/4" tubing, 1/2″ Tee & Valve.
    • Sediment Filter: 1-5 micron filter removes dust, rust, sludge, particle and suspended sediment that makes water cloudy.
    • Carbon Filter: Removes chlorine, bad tastes, odours and organic compounds from the water. It reduces a number of deleterious chemicals, these include benzene, radon, solvents trihalomethane compounds, volatile organic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides and hundreds of other man-made chemicals that may come into contact with tap water as it proceeds through the system.
    • Warranty: 2 Years.
    • Comes with complete installation fittings (default):
      • Mini valve, 3 way (1/2” bsp male x 1/2" bsp female x 1/4” tubing connection).
      • 1/4” x 2m tubing.
      • 1/4" Pressure limiting valve PLV.
      • 1/4" Chrome faucet tap, (Optional: stainless steel, black or 3 way mixer taps).
    • Cartridge Replacement: Every 6-10 month, click here for cartridge replacement.
    • Filter Size: 33Hx10Wx10D cm.
    • Can be installed vertically or horizontally.
    • Made in Korea by HYUNDAI.
    • Free shipping Australia wide, Fast Delivery New Zealand



  • Actual cartridges’ photo may vary due to product enhancement.
  • To be used on biologically safe water supply.
  • Flush for:
    • 10 seconds everyday before first time use.
    • 30 seconds when not using for 3 days.
    • 3 - 5 minutes when first using or replacing the cartridges.
  • The frequency with which you will have to replace your filtration cartridges will depend on a number of factors including your average daily water consumption, individual usage and varying water quality.

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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 38 × 15 × 15 cm


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