75 GPD RO Membrane, Vontron ULP1812-75


75 GPD RO Membrane, Vontron ULP1812-75

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75 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Vontron ULP1812-75

Vontron ULP1812 membrane is widely used in drinking water reverse osmosis, under sink reverse osmosis filters, household water filter, aquariums and other small-scale water purification applications.
Removes salt, heavy metal, ions (mainly calcium and magnesium), bacteria and any many other dissolved solids from mains water.
Fits all standard membrane housings

Capacity: 75GPD (285 LPD)
Free Chlorine Tolerance < 0.1 ppm.
Operating pressure: 60 PSI (0.41 MPA)
Salt Rejection: 96% – 97.5% (NaCl)
Max feed water temperature: 45C
* Testing conditions: TDS: 250ppm, Temp: 25C, Recovery: 15%.

ANSI/NSF certified component Standard 58
Replacement membrane for: Dow Filmtec 1812, Filmtec TW30-1812-75, CSM RE1812-75, GE Osmonics, PENTEK, US Water, Culligan, Ametek, US Filter, American Plumber, Kinetico, Watts, Purepro and many more.


  • To be used on biologically safe water supply.
  • Flush for:
    • 5-10 seconds everyday before first time use.
    • 30 seconds when not using for 3 days.
    • 2 minutes when first using or replacing the membrane.

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