8 inch Ultra Low Pressure Membrane, RO B400 ULP ASD

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Lewabrane RO B400 ULP ASD

8”x40” Ultra Low Pressure & Reduced Fouling Tendency Membrane

10,200 gpd / 99.5% / 400 ft²

Works at very low applied pressure (7.8 bar / 110 PSI)



Lewabrane RO B400 ULP ASD, 8”x40” Ultra Low Pressure & Reduced Fouling Tendency 8040 Membrane

The Lewabrane® spiral wound reverse osmosis (RO) 8040 membrane RO B400 ULP ASD has a highly permeable composite polyamide (PA) membrane. It is designed for low salinity water to operate at ultra low pressure (ULP). The high permeability results in up to 40% lower energy consumption compared to standard elements like the RO B400 HR. The ASD ( Alternating Strand Design) feed spacer offers a lower fouling tendency to improve the RO lifetime cost performance.
The 8040 ULP Membranes are characterized by
• High rejection of organic compounds
• Low energy demand
• Low fouling tendency due to ASD feed spacer.

The ULP 8040 elements are offered with a 0.86 mm (34 mil) feed spacer to reduce the fouling and to improve the cleanability. The ULP 8040 membranes are based on a 7.6 bar (110 PSI) test pressure.

Salt Rejection: 99.5%.

Permeate Flow: 10,200 gpd (38.6 m³/day).

Membrane Area: 400 ft².

Diameter/Length: 8 inch / 40 inch.

Feed Spacer Thickness: 34 mil (ASD Spacer).

Test conditions: 500 mg/l NaCl, 7.6 bar (110 psi), 25 °C (77 °F), pH 7, recovery rate 15%.

Made by Lanxess Germany.

Equivalent to: Dow Filmtec BW30XFRLE-400/34 , Toray TMG20-400C , CSM RE8040-BLF , VONTRON ULP32-8040 , VONTRON ULP22-8040 , GE AK8040F-400 HR, AK-400.

Deliver Australia Wide.


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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 112 × 28 × 28 cm


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