B085 FR 4040 Membrane

Lewabrane RO B085 FR 4040

4”x40” Low Fouling Brackish Water RO Membrane

2,400 gpd / 99.5% / 225 PSI

Provides the highest productivity and high salt rejection at hi salinity inlet water.,
Designed for water with a higher organic or biological fouling rate


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Lewabrane RO B085 FR 4040, 4”x40” Low Fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Lewabrane RO B085 FR 4040 Brackish Water membrane provides significant reduction in fouling rates increasing the membrane’s efficiency by restoring nominal performance after cleaning. Lewabrane Low Fouling RO membranes provide the highest productivity and high salt rejection.

Lewabrane RO B085 FR 4040 Fouling resistant (FR-type) elements are designed for water with a higher organic or biological fouling rate. The low fouling composite RO B085 FR 4040 provides a low-charged surface that reduces fouling when treating surface water with high fouling potential.

In addition to the low-charged membrane, which provides a lower fouling rate, the Low Fouling Lewabrane RO B085 FR 4040 elements have with a 0.86 mm (34 mil) feed spacer a thicker feed channel, allowing improved movement of sol­utes and particles through the feed channel and enhancing the cleanability of the element. The thicker feed channel also results in a lower pressure drop through the RO membrane element. 

RO B085 FR 4040 Membrane provides high permeate flows and salt rejection at high salinity inlet water (up to 8,000 ppm NaCl Salinity).

Salt Rejection: 99.5%.

Permeate Flow: 2,400 gpd (8.9 m³/day).

Membrane Area: 85 ft².

Diameter/Length: 4 / 40 inch.

Feed Spacer Thickness: 34 mil.

*Test conditions: TDS 2,000 mg/l NaCl, 15.5 bar (225 psi), 25 °C (77 °F), pH 7, recovery rate 15%.
*Pre-treatment must be used to protect the membrane (softener, antiscalant dosing pump, sand filter, carbon filter, 5 mic cartridge fitler …etc).

Technical Data Sheet

Manufacturer: Suez Germany (previously Lanxess).

4 inch Low Fouling Membrane, Compatible with reverse osmosis membrane Types*:
Filmtec BW30-4040 / GE Desal AG4040FF / Nitto Hydranautics LFC3-LD-4040, LF 4040, CPA2-4040, CPA5-LD-4040 / Toray TM710 / CSM RE4040-BE / Axeon HR3-4040.
*Check the data sheet for each membrane.

Free shipping Australia Wide.
Check with us if outside Australia.

Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Additional information

Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 110 × 15 × 13 cm


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