B085 FR 4040


Lewabrane RO B085 FR 4040, 4”x40” Fouling Resistant Reverse Osmosis Membrane

The Lewabrane RO B085 FR 4040 Fouling resistant (FR-type) elements are designed for water with a higher organic or biological fouling rate.

In addition to the low-charged membrane, which provides a lower fouling rate, the Lewabrane RO B085 FR 4040 elements have with a 0.86 mm (34 mil) feed spacer a thicker feed channel, allowing improved movement of sol­utes and particles through the feed channel and enhancing the cleanability of the element. The thicker feed channel also results in a lower pressure drop through the RO membrane element.

Salt Rejection: 99.5%.

Permeate Flow: 2,400 gpd (8.9 m³/day).

Membrane Area: 85 ft².

Diameter/Length: 4 / 40 inch.

Feed Spacer Thickness: 34 mil.

Test conditions: TDS 2,000 mg/l NaCl, 15.5 bar (225 psi), 25 °C (77 °F), pH 7, recovery rate 15%.

Technical Data Sheet


4 inch Low Fouling Membrane, Compatible with reverse osmosis membrane Types:
Filmtec 4040 / GE Desal 4040 / Hydranautics LF 4040 / Toray / CSM

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Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 110 × 15 × 13 cm


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