Bottom Distributor Hub and Lateral Assembly For 30″ Media Tank


  • Used For 30″ Diameter Media Tank, Water Softener, Media Filters.
  • Fits a standard riser tube (PVC riser pipe) of 1.5″, 50mm OD.

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Bottom Distributor Hub and Lateral Assembly, For 30" Diameter Media Tank

Bottom distributor hub and lateral set for media tank vessel that fits a standard riser tube (PVC riser pipe*) of 1.5", 50mm OD.
*Rise pipe not included.

This high flow bottom hub and lateral distributor basket strainer is designed to prevent any of the media from exiting your mineral tank.   

This hub and lateral set made from quality ABS, it fits 30" diameter FRP presssure vessel tank used in sand filters, carbon filters, media filters, Water softeners, calcite filters, zeolite and iron filters, pH filters, and all other backwashing and upflow tank filter systems.

Size (mm): 620W x 290H, suitable for 30" diameter FRP pressure vessel.

Riser Tube connection: 50mm glue type (rise tube not included).  

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Dimensions 30 × 14 × 12 cm


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