Conductivity Monitor CCT-2300


Portable Conductivity Monitor

Measurement range: 0~20μS/cm, 0~200μS/cm, 0~2000μS/cm




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CCT-2300, Portable Conductivity Monitor

This instrument is suitable for conductivity measurement of outdoors and labs. Multi-purpose software is adopted to make measurement accurate and performance stable. It features with such as floating digit, direct reading, and automatic measurement range and temperature measurement.

Tech Specifications:
Measurement range:              0~20μS/cm, 0~200μS/cm, 0~2000μ S/cm (Measurement range switched over automatically).
Temperature range:                0~50℃
Conductivity accuracy:           1.5% (FS)
Temperature accuracy:          0.5℃
Stability:                                ±2 × (10)-³ (FS) / 24h
Auxiliary electrode:                 Plastic structure; constant: 1.0cm-1
Medium temperature:             0~50℃
Display:                                   3.5-bit LCD
Power supply:                         DC 9V battery
Weight:                                    About 150g (batteries not included)
Environment conditions temperature: 0~50℃
Humidity:                                 ≤85%RH
No strong electro-magnetic field interference except earth magnetic field
Dimensions:                            150 × 70 × 25mm
Temperature compensation factor No Temperature compensation and Temperature compensation could be set, conductivity value under temperature compensation factor: 0-7%.
It is powered off automatically each time running 5 minutes.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 7 cm


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