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Resistivity Meter CCT-7300 (0.010cm)


Water Resistivity Meter

Measurement range: 0.05-18.25MΩ., (0.05-20 μS/cm),

For Continues Ultrapure & DI Water Monitoring.

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CCT-7300 (0.010cm), Water Resistivity Controller

Measurement range: 0.05-18.25MΩ.

Ideal for all ultra pure water quality testing.

CCT-7320 Manual / CCT-7300 Manual (Contact us)


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 17 cm


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Water Resistivity Meter / Conductivity Meter & Controller, CCT-7300 (0.010cm)

Complete Set of Online Resistivity Meter and Resistivity Probe Sensor.
Water Resistivity Meter For Di Water.
CCT7300 Measurement range: 0.05 – 18.25 MΩ megohm,  0.05 – 20 μS/cm.
Resolution: conductivity 0.01μS/cm.
Display: High illumination, pure white backlight LCD display.
Power Supply: 240V X DC 24V (Transformer included), Safe, accurate and low maintenance.
Control Mode: Double contact relay output (ON/OFF), SPDT relay.
Transmitting output: (4~20mA).
CCT-7300 is a new developed resistivity / conductivity integration controller.
Resistivity (MΩ megohm) or Conductivity (μS/cm), unit display can be chosen.

No adjustable component inside the instrument, totally programmed automatic calibration, higher reliability.
Automatic measurement range shift, automatic digital temperature compensation.


A water resistivity meter is a useful tool for resistivity testing. Resistivity is a vital measure when ultra pure water is required.
CCT7300 is widely used for continues monitoring of all ultrppure water treatment process, Reverse Osmosis, Demi water & Di water treatment plant, DI water resistivity meter.
Resistivity meter for Di Water / Deionized water / pure water / ultrapure water / distilled water resistivity & conductivity.
CCT7300, Industrial in line resistivity meter widely used for electronic, electric, pharmaceutical, fine chemistry, clinical medicine, life science… application.


Panel mounted.
Dimensions: 96mm×96mm×105mm(H×W×D)
Slot dimensions: 91mm×91mm(H×W)
Conductivity probe installation: Plastic NPT 1/2″ Thread.


Conductivity Probe (included):
Resistivity Probe / Resistivity Sensor / Resistivity Electrode.
Material: 316L stainless steel electrode.
Model: CON312 / 5m cable, Cell constant: 0.001cm-1 (0.05 – 20 μS/cm).
Installation: Plastic NPT 1/2″ Thread.
Other Probes are available, check with us.

CCT-7300 Manual (Contact us)

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