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CCT-7300 (0.100cm)


Conductivity / TDS Meter

Measurement range: 0.0-200 uS;

TDS 0.0-100 ppm.

Single relay for hi-limit alarm and hysterisis setting , double contact ON/OFF.

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Industrial Inline Conductivity Meter / TDS Meter Online & Controller, CCT-7300

Complete Set of Inline Conductivity Meter & Conductivity Probe Sensor.
CCT7300 Measurement Range: 0 – 200 μS/cm, TDS: 0 – 100 ppm.
EC Meter Resolution: conductivity 0.01μS/cm,  TDS 0.01 ppm,  temperature 0.1
Display: High illumination, pure white backlight LCD display.
Power Supply: DC 24V (Transformer included), Safe, accurate and low maintenance.
Control Mode: Double contact relay output (ON/OFF), SPDT relay.
Transmitting output: (4~20mA).
CCT-7300 is a new developed conductivity / TDS integration controller.
Conductivity (μS/cm) or TDS (ppm) engineering unit display can be chosen in operation.

No adjustable component inside the instrument, totally programmed automatic calibration, higher reliability.
Automatic measurement range shift, automatic digital temperature compensation.


CCT7300 Conductivity meter online is widely used for monitoring of all water treatment process, Reverse Osmosis, Demi water plant, Cooling & Boiler water treatment, Wastewater… ect.
Pure / ultrapure water measurement control, widely used for electronic, electric, pharmaceutical, fine chemistry, clinical medicine, life science, chemical industry ….


Panel mounted ,fast installation clamp
Dimensions: 96mm×96mm×105mm(H×W×D)
Slot dimensions: 91mm×91mm(H×W)
Conductivity probe installation: Plastic NPT 1/2″ Thread


Conductivity Probe (included):
Conductivity Probe / Conductivity Sensor / Conductivity Electrode.
Material: Plastic, graphite electrodes.
Model: ……… / 5m cable, Cell constant: 0.100cm-1.
Installation: NPT 1/2″ Thread.
Other Probes are available, check with us.

CCT-7300 Manual (Contact us)

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