DI Resin Filter – 10 Inch


  • Refillable Deionising Cartridge, Used as a final stage after reverse osmosis, or to treat potable water (Conductivity 150 µS/cm).
  • 10″x2.5″ or 10″x4.5″ Cartridge / FREE Delivery
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10 Inch Mixbed DI Cartridge, 10"x2.5" or 10"x4.5", Refillable Deionising Resin Filter Cartridge

For the demineralisation of water in the production of pure water PW (10 MOhm*cm at 25°C / 0.1 µS/cm).

TRILITE SM210 Mix Bed resin is widely used to treat Potable Water (Conductivity 150 µS/cm), It is suitable to treat good quality city water.

It is widely used for the cartridge polisher, post RO polisher, and other polisher applications with its simplicity of use without regeneration facility.

10 inch Cartridges with mixed bed resins provide TDS values as low as 0 ppm. 

DI Cartridge includes:

One refillable 10″ x 2.5″ Canister and 4000 gr of DI resin (in canister).
Or one refillable 10″ x 4.5″ Canister and 800 gr of DI resin (in canister).

TRILITE SM200 features an outstanding amount of treated water compared to other ready-to-use mixed resins in the market.

TRILITE SM210 also features high exchange capacity by effective ion change reaction for large volume of raw water, excellent silica removal ability. The state of the art mix facility assures the uniform, stable quality for water treatment.


Made In Korea by Samyang.

Product Applications

- UltraPure Water.
- Fine Purification, Polishing.
- Pharmaceutical industry, Medical officesa and Laboratories.
- Biotechnology Purification in the foodstuff-industry Food industry.
- Fine Purification.
- Cosmetics and Chemical Industry.
- Plating and anodizing
- Polishing Electronics Industry.
- Water Treatment.
- DI (Deionisation), Demi (Demineralisation).
- Window cleaning, car washing,
- Aquariums, fish tanks, and reefkeeping facilities.
- CNC Wire EDM applications.

Technical Data Sheet
Inlet - Outlet Water Quality


FREE delivery Australia wide.

Additional information

Cartridge Size

10"x2.5", 10"x4.5"


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