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Inline Rotameter, 250-2500 lph


  • Inline Plastic Tube Variable Area Flow Meter.
  • Glue Connection Type.
  • Flow Range: 250-2500 LPH.

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Low Flow Inline Liquid Rotameter, Variable Area Flow Meter, Plastic Tube Type and Glue Connection Water Flow Meter, 250 – 2500 LPH


  • Glue connection, Can be connected to 32mm (DN25) PVC and ABS Pipes and fittings.
  • Inline Variable Area Flow Meter or Plastic Tube Rotameter which has been designed to offer an economical solution for liquid flow measurements.
  • Flow Range: 250 to 2500 LPH (liter per hour).
  • Connection: 32mm glue type, PVC and ABS pipes and fittings (D32 / DN25).
  • Simple installation.
  • Type: Tube Mounted, Pipe Mounted.
  • Body (Tube): Clear Plastic AS.
  • Float: Plastic ABS (read the max diameter of float).
  • Fittings: Plastic ABS.
  • O-ring: Silicon rubber.
  • Max Working Pressure: 600 KPA / 6 Bar / 87 PSI.
  • Max Working Temperature: 60 C.
  • Light weight, low cost and excellent readability rotameter.
  • Used for industrial and domestic application, Widely used in water treatment & filtration industry, reverse osmosis units, irrigation …etc.
  • Indoor use for water and non corrosive liquids.
  • More sizes and types are available.


  • Measurement Principle: Variable area flow using a float in a tapered tube made from special plastic materials.
  • Operation: The fluid flows up through the tapered tube forcing the float to a position with sufficient free area to enable the flow to pass. This free area is related to the flow rate, the weight of the float and the density and viscosity of the fluid. The pressure drop across the flow meter remains constant over the entire flow range. This occurs because the pressure drop is related to the fluid velocity and area of flow, the area of flow increases as the flow rate increases.

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