Lewabrane RO B440 HR


8”x40” High Rejection and High Flow RO Membrane

11,000 gpd / 99.7% / 225 PSI / 440 ft²

Provides the highest salt rejection up to 99.7%, and the best permeate water quality



Lewabrane RO B440 HR, 8”x40” High Rejection & High Flow Brackish Water Membrane

RO B440 HR Membrane provides high permeate flows and salt rejection at high salinity inlet water (up to 8,000 ppm NaCl Salinity).

Brackish water RO Membranes are the best balance of flow and salt rejection. Brackish RO membranes require high inlet applied pressure (around 200-250 PSI).

When high performance counts, when the best permeate quality counts, our High rejection (HR) membranes set the standard of RO membranes.

The Lewabrane RO B440 HR elements are High Rejection (HR) membranes provide the highest salt rejection and the best permeate water quality
The HR-type elements are designed to provide extremely low salt passage in normal operation with 99.7% salt rejection measured at standard test conditions.
The high rejection for critical ions like calcium, boron, and silica is also remarkable.


High rejection type (HR) for the best permeate quality


Salt Rejection: 99.7%.*

Permeate Flow: 11,000 gpd (41.7 m³/day).*

Membrane Area: 440 ft² (40.9 m²).

Diameter/Length: 8/40 inch.

Feed Spacer Thickness: 28 mil.

*Test conditions: B: 2,000 mg/l NaCl, 15.5 bar (225 psi), 25 °C (77 °F), pH 7, recovery rate 15%, non scale water.
Pre-treatment must be used to protect the membrane (softener, antiscalant dosing pump, sand filter, carbon filter, 5 mic cartridge fitler …etc).

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Weight 16.9 kg
Dimensions 112 × 28 × 28 cm


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