Mixed Bed RO DI Resin – TRILITE® SM300

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  • Widely used as polishing on RO or demineralised water, post RO polisher.
  • Tap water -> RO -> SM300 -> Demi water
  • 25L Bag / In Stock, Get a Quote
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Demineralisation Ion Exchange Resin, DI Mixed Bed Resin TRILITE ® SM300

It is a mixed DI resin specifically designed for RO downstream polishers.

It is fully regenerated, ready to use, pre-mixed resin developed for the production of high purity demi water in working and mixed bed polishing applications.

Trilite SM300 RODI deionising resin is widely used after reverse osmosis for cartridges or pressure vessels that do not require a complicated regeneration process. Used as a final stage after reverse osmosis to further reduce the conductivity.

Trilite SM 300 DI MB resin is most commonly used in service deionisation for a full demineralisation of water when complete removal of Silica SiO2 is required, and in which a neutral pH value is required through the reliable removal of hydrogen carbonate ions, such as heating water treatment or cooling water treatment.

Used as mixed bed polishing resin on RO or demineralised water. RO post-polisher.

Mixture of Styrene DVB Gel Strong Acid Cation and Strong Base Anion Exchange Resins with a mixing ratio of 60% anion and 40% cation exchange resin for full demineralization 

TRILITE ® SM300 is a ready to use and highly regenerated mix bed resin for high purity deionized water application. It is mixed bed resins of each component of strong acid cation exchange resin and strong base anion exchange resin. Cation and anion resins are mixed to give a stoichiometric equivalent of ca tion and ani on exchange capacity.
TRILITE ® SM300 is particularly suitable for use in the polishing of high purity water for specialty electronics applications, pharmaceutical, power plant and chemical manufacturing industry.

TRILITE SM300 is used for post RO polisher, and other polisher applications with its simplicity of use without regeneration facility.


Feed water conductivity 10 μS/cm at R/O outlet, SV36  /  Product water Resistivity > 15.0 MΩ.cm

It can be used as a reliable alternative to Purolite MB400 , Lewatit NM60 or Amberlite MB20.

TRILITE SM300 features an outstanding amount of treated demi water compared to other ready-to-use mixed resins in the market.

TRILITE SM300 also features high exchange capacity by effective ion change reaction for large volume of raw water, excellent silica removal ability. The state of the art mix facility assures the uniform, stable quality for water treatment.


Made by Samyang (Korea).
Packaging: 25L Bag.

Product Applications

- RODI applications.
- Deionised Water, UltraPure Water.
- Fine Purification, Polishing.
- Pharmaceutical industry, Medical officesa and Laboratories.
- Laboratory Glass Washing.
- Electronics Manufacturing, Semiconductor Manufacturing.
- Biotechnology Purification in the foodstuff-industry Food industry.
- Window cleaning, Car Wash, Boat Wash, RV Wash, Plane Wash.
- Aquariums, fish tanks, and reefkeeping facilities.
- Fine Purification.
- Cosmetics and Chemical Industry.
- Plating and anodizing.
- Polishing Electronics Industry.
- Water Treatment.
- DI (Deionisation), Demi (Demineralisation).
- CNC Wire EDM applications.
- Solar Cell Manufacturing.
- Humidification Uses.
- Trace Elemental Analysis.

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Inlet - Outlet Water Quality


MDC Water is an Australian supplier of high quality DI Resin.

We deliver Australia wide. Bulk DI Resin.

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