Nano Filtration Membrane, NF1-1812-100 – 100 GPD


Residential Nanofiltration Membrane, 100 GPD

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100 GPD Nanofiltratiuon Membrane

It has the selective desalination mechanism for removal of high polyvalent ions and partial maintaining of monovalent ions with health benefits. Moreover, home drinking NF1 membrane elements can achieve as the high rejection, ultra-low operating pressure for desalination of raw water with low salt concentration.
Fits all standard 1812 membrane housings.

Permeate Flow: 100GPD (380 LPD)
Free Chlorine Tolerance < 0.1 ppm.
Operating pressure: 70 PSI (0.48 MPA)
Salt Rejection: 30-50% (NaCl) - >96% (MgSO4)
Max feed water temperature: 45C
Max water pressure: 300 psi.
* Testing conditions: TDS: 500ppm (NaCl), Temp: 25C, Recovery: 16%.


  • To be used on biologically safe water supply.
  • Flush for:
    • 5-10 seconds everyday before first time use.
    • 30 seconds when not using for 3 days.
    • 2 minutes when first using or replacing the membrane.

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