Post Carbon Block Cartridge, HQ7-PCB

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Removes chlorine, organic compounds, bad tastes and odors.

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HQ7-PCB, Post Carbon Block Cartridge

  • Produces fresh, great tasting, chlorine-free and healthy water.
  • This quick change water filter cartridge is the latest in modern design and water filtration technology.
  • PATENTED Products, Compact modern slimline design.
  • It is fast, clean, easy. DIY, no tools, no drip, simple push & twist filter cartridge replacement, like changing a light bulb, kwik change and twist.
  • Colour coded cartridge for easy cartridge replacement.
  • Tested and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 58.
  • Manufactured entirely from FDA compliant materials (Food Grade).
  • Cartridge Replacement: Every 12 month (5400 liter).
  • Dimensions: L28 x D6 cm.
  • Fits HYUNDAI filters and some other quick twist filters.
  • Made in Korea by HYUNDAI.
  • Free shipping Australia wide, online water filter cartridges best price.

Characteristics of PCB Filter:
Combined with absorption function of coconut carbon and filtration function of block, it is large in surface area, excellent in filtration of pollutants, and is constant in its life span. Added with silver, the carbon filter can help to curb the growth of harmful microorganisms in the water through the elution of silver ion, and has antibacterial effect. Its micro-pores of 1 micron absorb and filter out smells, residual chlorine, chromaticity, chemical substances, some of heavy metal particles and carcinogens from the water.

Structural characteristics of PCB filter:
As a shaped filter, not in powder, it is strong against impact, abrasion, heat and chemical. And during its initial use, compared to granular carbon, it hardly releases carbon dusts and does not from a flowing path thereby leaving no room for germs to live in the filter. Coconut carbon is used as materials in order to enhance the taste of water by eliminating chlorine and bad smells of tap water. Unlike power carbon, it is in block, making it difficult to degrade its characteristics as a filter, and can maintain its function as a filter for a long time.


  • To be used on biologically safe water supply.
  • Flush for:
    • 5-10 seconds everyday before first time use.
    • 30 seconds when not using for 3 days.
    • 2 minutes when first using or replacing the cartridges.

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Dimensions 29 × 7 × 7 cm

4 reviews for Post Carbon Block Cartridge, HQ7-PCB

  1. Wendy (verified owner)

    Quality product and fast delivery

  2. Peter (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, excellent service, been using this for a year now. Love it. Just bought another 2 units.

  3. Rob Bailey (verified owner)

    Great product & value.
    Very easy to swap out old cartridges for new.
    Very easy to order & quick delivery

  4. Rob Bailey (verified owner)

    Great product & value.
    As with its companion cartridge in my set up “Very easy to swap out old”cartridges for new.
    Very easy to order & quick delivery

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