30 Inch 1 Micron Cartridge, S30A-1A-Box

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Box of 30 pcs.

30”x2.5”x1 Micron String Wound Polypropylene Sediment Filter Cartridge



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30 Inch x 1 Micron String Wound Sediment Water Filter Cartridge

Box of 30 Pcs.

NSF certified 30 inch x 2.5 inch sediment water filter cartridges. Our standard commercial and industrial hi flow 30 inch long x 2.5 inch diameter water filter replacement cartridges cover all the sizes and filtration rates you will require to replace your current filters.

30 inch Sediment Commercial Hi Flow Water Filter Cartridges remove algae, dirt, particulate matter, rust, sand, sediment and silt. Industrial Sediment Water Filter Replacement Cartridges are suitable for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications like RO pretreatment (SDI reduction), Drinking water, Beverage processing, Seawater desalination, Whole house water filtration, Electronics and electroplating, Photographic solution, Gas purification .. etc

Pure polypropylene Sedifilt 30 inch string wound water filter cartridges are free from any extractables and contain no lubricants, wetting agents, emulsifiers, ant-oxidants or anti-static agents, etc. It is certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for Drinking Water System Components and Health Effects. 30" x 2.5" String Wound Polypropylene Sediment Filter Cartridges are true depth filtration with superior filtration technology Sedifilt technology produces superior depth filters with increased filtration capacity, longer lifetime, and higher performance that reduce overall costs.

Length: 762 mm / 30" inch.
Inlet/Outlet Diameter: 27.5 mm / 63.5 mm (2.5 inch)
Pcs in Box: 30.
Media: Extractables Free Polypropylene.

Core Material: Polypropylene.
End Adapter: No end adapters (double open end, DOE).

Download  Sedifilt String-Wound Filter Cartridges Brochure

30 Inch Cartridge Replacement Features

  • No chemicals to leach-out with new melt spinning and yarn forming process.
  • No media migration because the yarn consists of continuous filaments.
  • True graded density-new winding technology gives denser winding in inner layers and coarser winding in outer layers.
  • High dirt holding capacity and longer life as particles are trapped throughout the entire cross section of filter.
  • Better performance – multi-lobal cross section filaments with random 3 dimensional media structure captures more particles compared to conventional filters.
  • High bulk media having improved void to solid ration gives higher flow rates with low pressure drop.
  • 100% polypropylene – wide chemical compatibility and excellent micro-organism resistance.
  • High structural stability, i.e. no shifting of media, excellent knife-edge sealing.
  • Firmer structure gives improved resistance to particle unloading and more consistent performance.
  • Incinerates to trace ash with no hazardous volatiles for environmentally friendly disposal.
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Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 35 cm


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