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SW-2540 Watermaker Membrane


SW-2540, 2.5″ x 40″ Seawater Desalination Membrane, Watermaker Membrane Replacement.

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SW-2540 Reverse Osmosis Sea Water Membrane Element, Watermaker Membrane Replacement

SW-2540 is a standard size seawater membrane, widely used for watermakers, desalinators, seawater desalination systems, marine (yacht and boat), Navy and martime applications.
Commonly used in on-board Watermakers to create drinking water from seawater for yachts, boats, and cruise ships.


Watermaker Membrane Replacement and Watermaker Part for many watermakers' brands like:

  • Spectra Catalina FT-MB-40 and (Long membrane of Spectra Catalina 300)
  • Spectra Newport FT-MB-40.
  • Schenker Smart 60, Schenker Smart 80.
  • Most of watermakers: Stella watermaker, Selmar water maker, FCI watermaker, Schenker watermaker ... and many more.
  • Any watermaker that uses industry-standard 2.5x40 size seawater RO membranes



  • Product Name: SW-2540
  • Applied Pressure psig (bar): 800 (55)
  • Permeate Flow Rate gpd (m³/d): 500 (1.98)
  • Stabilized Salt Rejection: 99.4%
  • Maximum Feed Flow Rate gpm (m³/h): 6 (1.4)
  • Recovery: 8%.
  • Test Water Concentration(ppm): 32000 mg/L (as NaCl).
  • SW2540 RO membranes fit nominal 2.5 inch I.D. pressure vessels
  • Membrane Type: polyamide thin film composite
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 113°F (45°C)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 1,000 psi (69 bar)
  • Maximum Pressure Drop: 15 psig (1.0 bar)
  • pH Range, Continuous Operations: 2 - 11 pH Range, Short-Term Cleaning: 1 - 13
  • Maximum Feed Silt Density Index: SDI 5
  • Free Chlorine Tolerance < 0.1 ppm 
  • Maximum temperature for continuous operation above pH10 is 95°F (35°C)

Equivalents: DOW Filmtec SW30-2540 / Hydranautics SWC-2540 / CSM RE2540-SHF.

Membrane sheets made in Japan by Toray.
Manufactured in China,
Free Shipping Australia wide, Fast Delivery to New Zealand.

Buy Watermaker membrane and housing & SAVE.
DIY Watermaker Parts, DIY watermaker for boat.

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