Vontron ULP11-4040 Hi Flo

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4”x40” Hi Flow and Low Pressure Membrane

2,700 gpd / 98% / 150 PSI

Recommended Where Hi Product Water Flow and Low Energy Consumption are needed


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Vontron ULP11-4040, 4 inch x 40 inch High Flow & Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Vontron ULP11-4040 ultra low pressure membrane delivers high permeate flows and salt rejection at lower raw water pressures, compared to regular low-pressure membrane elements.
The high product water flow and low working pressure result in up to 30% lower energy consumption compared to standard elements.

Vontron ULP 4040 series of low pressure membrane element are based on a 10.3 bar (150 PSI) test pressure.

Product Specifications:
Salt Rejection: 98%*
Permeate Flow: 2,700 gpd (10.2 m³/day)*
Membrane Area: 90 ft².
Diameter / Length: 4 inch / 40 inch.
*Test conditions: 1500 mg/l NaCl, 10.3 bar (150 psi), 25 °C (77 °F), pH 7.5, recovery rate 15%.
*Pre-treatment must be used to protect the membrane (softener, antiscalant dosing pump, sand filter, carbon filter, 5 mic cartridge fitler ...etc).

Vontron ULP 4040 membrane is suitable for water purification applications of water sources with salt concentration lower than 2000 ppm, such as surface water, underground water, tap water and municipal water.

Commercial Application:
- Drinking water.
- Softened water for homes, hotels, commercial laundries and car wash.
- Spot free rinse, reverse osmosis window cleaning and solar panel cleaning
- Pure water for pharmaceuticals, laboratories, Hemodialysis and electronics
- Sterilisers and autoclaves.
- Chemical industry.
- Aquarium water treatment.
- Boiler and cooling towers make-up water.
pure water, boiler water replenishment, foodstuff processing, and pharmaceutical production.

Compatible with reverse osmosis membrane types:*
Filmtec BW LE-4040 / Lewabrane B085 LE 4040 / GE Desal 4040 / Hydranautics ESPA2-LD-4040 / Toray / CSM RE4040-BLN.
*Check the data sheet for each membrane.

Operation Conditions:
Max. working pressure:  600 psi (4.14MPa)
Max. Feed water flow:  16 gpm (3.6 m3/h)
Max. Temperature of Feed water:  45℃
Max. Feed water SDI15: 5.
Max. Feed Water Total Hardness: 10 ppm (softener or antiscalant should be used).

pH Range of Feed water during Continuous Operation:  3~10
pH Range of Feed Water during Chemical Cleaning:  2~12
Residual chlorine Concentration of feed water <0.1ppm Max.
Pressure drop of single membrane element:  15psi (0.1MPa).

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4040 Vontron ULP11 Membrane

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1 review for Vontron ULP11-4040 Hi Flo

  1. Geoffrey Ridgwell (verified owner)

    This unit provides a better flow than the previous one I had. Reduced the TDS from 365 to 5. I use a resin tank after the RO to get zero TDS. I also installed a pump to pump through the RO and get a better flow through my window cleaning brush. Only done a few jobs so far so good

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