Water Filter Leak Detector with Shut Off Valve


Automatic shut off when water leak is detected on the floor

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Add spare absorbent capsules

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Water Filter Mechanical Leak Detector with Auto Shut Off Valve

  • Auto Leak Detector protects your water filtration system from leakage by performing an automatic system shut-down upon detection of any water leakage.
  • Automatic shut off when water leak is detected on the floor.
  • 1/4-inch quick connect fittings.
  • Self adhesive tape to the floor.
  • 1 extra replacement absorbent capsule inside.
  • It can be easily re-used by replacing the capsule.
  • Works With All Kind Of 1/4″ Water Filters, Reverse Osmosis System, Aquarium, Refrigerator Water.
  • Great Add-On item for many different Applications.


How it works:

  • A highly absorbent capsule sits in place under the shut off valve.
  • It quickly absorbs any leaking water causing the capsule to expand putting pressure on the shut off valve.
  • The inlet water flow will stop when sufficient water has been absorbed.
  • It stops the inlet water flow and stops any further leaking avoiding any possible water damage.

Additional information

Weight 0.37 kg
Dimensions 29 × 7 × 7 cm


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