Water Softener Brine Tank

  • Durable polyethylene conic softener braine tanks.
  • Size: 60, 100, 145, 200 and 305L.
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Water Softener Brine Tank / Salt Tank For Water Softener

Our durable polyethylene conic softener braine tanks fit most water softeners. They are made from rotomolded plastic making them suitable for commercial and industrial water filtration applications.

Tank includes:
Separate removable salt lid for easy salt addition (Tank cap).
Grid plate (Salt plate) with legs.
Brine well, for brine safety float holding (safety float not included, optional).

- 60L (Φ390 X H810).
- 100L (Φ450 X H940).
- 145L (Φ500 X H1060)
- 200L (Φ550 X H1160).
- 350L (Φ740 X H1275), window on the tank cap for easy salt addition.


The brine tank is where a highly concentrated solution of salt or potassium is stored. The brine solution is used to regenerate the ion excahnge resin inside the media FRP tank. The brine tank is periodically replenished with salt or potassium pellets. 

We stock a complete range of brine tank parts and accessories: brine safety floats, brine tubes ... etc.

We deliver Australia wide.

Contact us for pricing and availability. info@waterfilter.net.au


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