WD-G3-N2RO Filter for Waterdrop G3 System | 400GPD


  • The composite WD-G3-N2RO filter adopts a sediment PP membrane, 0.0001-micron high-precision reverse osmosis membrane and a post activated carbon block.
  • Reduces most impurities and improves the taste of water.
  • Provides you with 24 months or 8,325 ltrs of clean filtered water (city inlet water).
  • You can replace the filter in 3 seconds with a single twist. No tools are required.

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Tankless RO System

The latest technology in water filtration
RO Filter for Waterdrop G3 System
Filter for Waterdrop G3 System

Huge Filmtec® RO Membrane

DuPont® RO membrane is better at removing contaminants due to its longer life and higher quality.

Filmtec RO membrane


RO Filter for Waterdrop G3 System
G3 Waterdrop Filter Replacement Australia

Service life

The G3 RO water filter provides up to 24 months or 2,200 gallons of healthy water for you and your family. (8,330 ltrs) of clean water for you and your family, based on water condition.

Easy Set-up

Install the filter in 30 minutes.

Replace the filter in 3 seconds.

No need to call for a plumber.

Quick Change Reverse Osmosis Filter
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