Whole House Big Blue Water Filter with Sediment & Carbon – Skid

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One of the best Whole house water filter in Australia 

Mounted on a heavy duty steel skid

Floor mounted / Wall mounted

Comes with 10 micron sediment & carbon block cartridges

Removes/reduces sediment, dust, rust, sludge, particles

Removes/reduces chlorine, bad tastes & odors

Ideal for tap, country, tank and bore water

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  • A strong robust water filter system that is specifically designed for places where high flow rate is required whether on home, commercial or industrial use
  • Reduces/removes:
    • Sediment • Chlorine • Colour Taste & Odour • Pesticides • Herbicides • Insecticides
    • THMs • VOC’s • Tannins • Rust & Dirt • Cryptosporidium & Giardia • Asbestos
    • Bacteria • Algae • Fungi and Mould
  • Stage (1): 20″ x 4.5″ x 10 Micron High Quality Sediment Filter is capable of reducing algae, dirt, particles, rust, sand, sediment and silt so your water is debris free and prepared for the second stage of this filtration process. It is a quality String Wound Polypropylene Sediment Filter Cartridge. This filter series has a bigger capacity and a longer lifespan
  • Stage (2): 20″ x 4.5″ x 5 Micron High Quality Carbon Block Cartridge reducing organic, chemicals and microorganisms. This second stage is to reduce chlorine in the supply.


  • Pressure and air release valve on housing
  • Fully assembled on steel skid for easy installation
  • Whole of House Water Filtration Systems are typically installed near the house pump or where the town water mains enter the house
  • iWhole House Water Filter improves the quality of water used for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing
  • Whole House Water Filter protects hot water services & household plumbing
  • Maximum pressure: 400kpa
  • Comes with a filter housing wrench
  • Free shipping Australia wide

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