Whole House Water Softener, 50L Resin

  • Fully Automatic Volumetric Home Water Softener, 50L Resin, 20-30 LPM.
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Fully Automatic Hole House Water Softener, 50L Resin, Volumetric, 20-30 LPM

This Water Softener reduces the negative impacts of hard water, it treats the water by removing hardness using ion exchange resin. Softening resin exchanges the hardness ions (calcium & magnesium) for sodium ions, which is regenerated periodically.     

Benefits of a home water softener:

1 - A  home water softener will save you money and energy by:
- Preserving the Life of Household Appliances  (washing machines, dishwashers, showers ..etc).
- Reducing Scale Buildup in Pipes.
- Effective Soap Use.
2 - Cleaner hair and softer skin.
3 - Brighter and softer clothes, Cleaner dishes and Less time cleaning

Technical Specifications:

- Service Flow Rate: 20 LPM (1,200 LPH) @ 200ppm Hardness.
- Maximum Flow Rate (peak): 30 LPM (1,800 LPH) @ 200PPM Hardness.
- Water Treated: 13,500L @ 200ppm Hardness (before regeneration is required).
- Salt Usage approx: 8 kg per regeneration.
- Working Inlet Water Pressure: 30 to 90 PSI (2-6 bar). {Ideal presuure: 45PSI / 3 bar}.
- Inlet/Outlet/: 1" BSP male.
- Volumatric: Full automated and metered (only regenerates when required).
- *Inlet Water Quality: Salinity (TDS) < 3,000ppm, Hardness < 800ppm, Iron < 0.8ppm, Free chlorine < 0.4ppm, Water Turbidity < 5 NTU.
- Power Supply (Transformer): AC100~240V/50~60Hz / DC12V,1.5A, Australian plug.
- Easy to install and operate, fully automatic operation, just add salt, low maintenance water softener, low running costs.

Water Softener System Includes:

1 - FRP Pressure Vessel Tank: Size 10″x54″, 100% corrosion resistant and made from high performance composite material food grade HDPE seamless liner with FRP filament winding. More info Click Here.
2 - Softening Resin: 50L of premium Food grade softening resin Lewatit® C 249 NS . Or High capacity softening ion exchange resin EXTREPURE® 001×8
3 - Automatic Valve Head: Automatic, volumetric, Full automated and metered (only regenerates when required).
Easy to operate electronics require little programming – simply adjust the water hardness level if needed, Used for residential and industrial water softeners.
4 - Brine Tank: 100L, comes with brine float valve, grid plate, brine well and cap.
5 - Fittings: Riser pipe, bottom and top strainer baskets, pvc tube (for attaching brine tank).

How Do Whole House Softeners Work?

1. Raw water runs through a bed of sodium charged ion exchange resin
2. The hardness ions (calcium & magnesium) are exchanged with sodium ions
3. Eventually the resin contains only hardness minerals and has to be regenerated
4. The control valve monitors water usage and regenerates only when necessary
5. The resin is backwashed to rinse away impurities
6. Brine solution is then drawn through the bed and hardness ions exchange for the sodium ions
7. Hardness ions are then rinsed to the drain
8. The softener is now ready to soften again.

We deliver Australia wide.

Contact us for pricing and availability. info@waterfilter.net.au


Pre-treatment filtration MUST be installed if the inlet water quality values exceed their limit.
Such as: Sand filter, Sediment cartridge filter, Carbon filter, Iron filter ...etc.


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