LANXESS is one of the most important manufacturers for liquid separation products worldwide.

The Lewabrane RO membrane elements family consists of spiral-wound, thin-film composite membrane elements designed specifically for water treatment applications.


Performance advantages of Lewabrane® RO brackish water elements

  • Low salt passage, typically 99.7 % at standard conditions
  • More stable salt rejection during operating lifetime
  • Improved barrier layer chemistry providing lower membrane fouling rates
  • Improved organic compound rejection
  • More durable to allow less frequent, more aggressive cleaning

Lewabrane RO products are produced in a modern, fully automated, state-of-the-art production facility in Bitterfeld (Germany). The chemistry approach for our RO membrane places the emphasis on higher cross-linking of the polyamide layer and, therefore, higher durability to cleaning chemicals, more stable rejection of mixed ion salt solutions and lower surface charge on the membrane to reduce the fouling tendency.


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