Low Pressure LE XLE Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Low Energy (LE type) and Low Pressure (LP) membrane elements are recommended for low-moderate salinity applications or/and in applications where low energy consumption is an important consideration.

The LE and LP elements are designed with a highly efficient polyamide membrane barrier layer, providing high flow productivity combined with excellent salt rejection.

Lanxess LE and Vontron ULP membrane elements are based on 150 PSI (10.3 bar) test working pressure.


Ultra Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis Membranes (Extreme Low Pressure)

They are designed for low salinity water to operate at ultra low pressure (ULP). The high permeability results in up to 40% lower energy consumption compared to standard elements.

Lanxess ULP and Vontron XLP membrane elements are based around 100-110 PSI (around 7 bar) test working pressure.


4 inch Low Pressure RO Membranes


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