Sydney Water Filters

Sydney’s drinking water supply originates from a number of storage dams located some distance from the city. The water from these storages is fed to Water Treatment Plants, these plants filter the water before adding chlorine or chloramine and fluoride.

Whether you’re looking for a quality home water filter or a complete water treatment system for an industrial facility, contact us today here at MDC Water. Sydney customers often choose us because of our more than 20 years of experience in the water treatment industry as well as our high – qual ity products and prompt service.


Home Water Filters Sydney

For domestic applications, we have budget-friendly solutions, along with robust parts andcomponents, whichremove dirt, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful contaminants fromwater. Our quality product range includes the following:


Our home water filtration systems are easy to install and maintain (but we’re still always hereready to help). For example, wehave Quick Change Water Filters where replacing cartridges isalmost as quick and easy as changing a light bulb (simple push and twist)

Commercial and industrial water treatment systems Sydney

Sydney has been home to thousands of businesses that actively contribute to the national economy. Often, crucial to their functions and operations is a reliable water treatment system, whether for consumption or other business processes.

Here at MDC Water, we have full – system equipment as well as parts and components that meet the requirements and standards of commercial and industrial facilities (including those for the facilities in the Sydney West, Smithfield and Wetherill Park Industrial Estate).

Our product line includes the following:

  • Industrial reverse osmosis desalination sys tems.
  • Water softeners (prevent scaling of pipework and equipment)
  • Sand filters (pretreatment for removal of particles, sediments and turbidity).
  • Ion exchange resins.
  • Chemical dosing pumps (for swimming pools, agricultural and manu facturing applications).
  • Flow meters (panel, inline and tube variable area flow meters or rotameters are available here).

Aside from reliability, our water treatment systems also meet cost requirements. Whether about the upfront purchase or long – term operati on, our large – scale systems have always been practical for agricultural, leisure, manufacturing and industrial applications.

Our products meet quality and cost requirements, which is why our products are already found inseveral commercial and industrial applications all over Sydney.

Contact us today here at MDC Water, whether it’s about residential, commercial or industrial water treatment. We have entire system s as well as robust parts and components that can meet your requirements. You can trust our expertise and more than 20 years of experience in the water treatment industry

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