Your One-Stop Shop for Water Treatment Parts and Water Filtration Equipment.

Australia’s one-stop-online premier supplier of reverse osmosis membranes, RO membrane housings, water Softeners, Sand Filters, Carbon Filters water filter cartridges, chemical dosing systems, water instruments, water filtration systems and parts … and many more.

Reverse Osmosis Membranes - Australia

RO Membranes

2.5″, 4″ and 8″ sizes in brackish water and seawater configuration at very competitive prices.

RO Membrane Housing

RO Membrane Housings

2.5″, 4″ and 8″ membrane pressure vessels that range in pressure from 300 to 1200 PSI.

Quality Water Filter Cartridges -Sediment Cartridges - Australia

Water Filter Cartridges

Our Sediment Filter Cartridges are true depth filtration with superior filtration technology.

Injecta Chemicals Dosing Pumps - Australia

Chemical Dosing Equipment

Complete range of quality chemical dosing pumps and their accessories & fittings.

Reverse Osmosis - Australia

Filtration Systems

Quality Water treatment systems for all types of commercial and industrial applications.

IX Resin Australia

Water Softeners

We supply fully automatic volumetric water softeners and manual water softeners

IX Resin Australia

Deionised Water Systems

DI Resin Vessels, DI Resin Filter Cartridges. For production of ultra pure water

IX Resin Australia

Ion Exchange Resins

Wide range of DI mixed bed resins, sotening resins, cation and anion exchange resins.

Media Tanks Australia

Media Tanks / Resin Tanks

Fiberglass media tanks for water softeners, carbon filters, iron filters and multi media filters.

Accessories For Water Softener Tank

Media Tank Accessories

All accessories & Components for media tanks, riser tubes, distributors, heads, adapters

Salt Brine Tank For Water Softener Australia

Brine Tanks & Accessories

Durable polyethylene softener braine tanks, Brine safety float, Brine hoses and fittings.

TDS Meters - Australia

Water Instruments & Meters

Wide range of portable and inline water instruments, testers, meters and controllers.

Rotameter Water

Water Flow Meters

A wide range of panel, inline and tube type variable area flow meters snd rotameters.

Water Filters - Austrlia

Various Components

Components, parts and replacement parts for water treatment equipment and systems.

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