FRP Pressure Vessels - Media Tanks

Often called media tank, resin tank, FRP media pressure vessel, fiberglass mineral tank, sand filter body, softener bodies.
Media Tanks are used to hold filtration media for many different water treatment applications. FRP pressure vessels are used in water softeners, sand filters, multi-media filters, carbon filters, iron filters, and other media filters, and they can be combined with any type of specialised filtration media such as activated carbon, calcite, quartz sand, birm, siliphos, as well as a number of different ion exchange resins such as softening, deionisation and mixed bed resin. 

Our FRP filter pressure vessels are 100% corrosion resistant and made from high performance composite material food grade HDPE seamless liner with FRP filament winding.

FRP Filter Pressure Vessels

We stock a wide range of FRP filtration media tanks from 9″ through 30″ in diameter and from 35″ to 72″ in height.

• Material of construction: FRP with polyethylene inner shell
Color: Blue (default) or natural color.
Opening: Top opening with 2.5″ or 4″ Threaded.
Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 psi (1 MPa)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 49°C.

Media Filtration Tank Accessories & Components Australia

We stock a full range of components, accessories and fittings for mineral tanks such as Riser Tubes, Baskets, Strainers, Distributors, Tank Adapters, Diffusers, Hub and Lateral Assemblies, In / Out Tank Heads and many other Components. 

Deionised Water Filtration Systems

We stock a wide range of deionized water systems, DI resin vessels, DI resin filter cartridges and water deionisers.

Water Softeners

MDC Water offers a wide range of quality water softeners for residentional, commercial and industrial applications.

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