Deionised Water Systems

Our DI resin systems can produce the highest quality of deionised water possible.

Deionized Water Filters

When you need high purity water, a deionisation system is an excellent option. Deionised water systems (water deionisers) remove nearly all ions from your water, including minerals.

While RO Membrane technology is very cost-efficient for water with a high salt content, only DI ion exchange resins can purify water with low salt concentrations to the point where only trace amounts remain.


DI Water System Application

– UltraPure Water.
– Fine Purification, Polishing.
– Pharmaceutical industry, Medical officesa and Laboratories.
– Biotechnology Purification in the foodstuff-industry Food industry.
– Fine Purification.

– Cosmetics and Chemical Industry. 
– Plating and anodizing – Polishing Electronics Industry.
– DI (Deionisation), Demi (Demineralisation).
– Window cleaning, car washing,
– Aquariums, fish tanks and reefkeeping facilities.
– CNC Wire EDM applications. 

DI Resin Vessels

Our Industrial DI Resin System includes:
– FRP Pressure Vessel Tank, In-Out vessel head and Accessories.
– High quality mixed bed resin, Two options: 
1 – Lewatit® Ultrapure 1292MD (Made in Germany), For the demineralization of water in the production of ultra pure water (UPW) up to 18 MOhm-cm (0.06 µS/cm). Should be used after a two-bed deioniser or a Reverse Osmosis system.
2 – TRILITE® SM210, For production of pure water up to 10 MOhm-cm (Conductivity 0.1 µS/cm), It is widely used to treat Potable Water (Conductivity 150 µS/cm), or as post RO polisher.

In order to obtain the purest quality deionised water, a reverse osmosis system should be used before the water is treated through the Mixed Bed unit. While the reverse osmosis system removes most of the impurities the mixbed resin removes the rest of the ions in the water.

Bigger mixed bed resin systems are in stock. Please contact us

DI Resin Filter Cartridges

Used as a final stage after reverse osmosis to further reduce TDS. 

Wide range of refillable DI filter canister.

GST & Delivery Inc.

Mixed Bed Resin

Mixed-bed DI Resins are normally used to ‘polish’ the water to higher levels of purity after it has been initially treated by either a two-bed deioniser or a reverse osmosis unit. In mixed bed deionisers the Strong Acid Cation and Strong Base Anion resins are closely mixed and contained in a single pressure vessel.


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