FRP Pressure Vessel Tank 10″x54″

  • Used in softeners, sand & carbon filters, mixed bed resin, anion resin, cation resin deionisers.
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FRP Pressure Vessel 10"x54", Mixed Bed Resin Vessel Tank, Softener Body

  • FRP media pressure vessel is used to hold filtration media for many different water treatment applications, FRP filter pressure vessel tank is used in water softeners, sand filters, multi-media filters, carbon filters, iron filters, mixed bed resin deionisers and other media filters,
  • It can be combined with any type of specialised filtration media such as activated carbon, calcite, quartz sand, birm, siliphos, zeolite, KDF as well as a number of different ion exchange resins such as softening, deionisation anion resin, cation resin and mixed bed resin.
  • 100% corrosion resistant and made from high performance composite material food grade HDPE seamless liner with FRP filament winding.
  • Material of Construction: FRP with polyethylene inner shell.
  • Color: Blue (default) or natural color (Optional).
  • Opening: Top opening with 2.5″ Threaded, 2.5"-8NPSM neck.
  • Total Capacity: 63 liter.
  • Nominal Dimension: 250x1370mm (10 inch OD x 54 inch High).
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 psi (1 MPa).
  • Burst Pressure: 4 times of design pressure.
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 49°C.
  • Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Filter Vessels are only meant to be used with water applications, and must not be used for pneumatic or hydro-pneumatic applications.
  • More filtration media body sizes are available, Click here for more details.
  • We stock a full range of components, accessories and fittings for mineral tanks such as Riser Tubes, Baskets, Strainers, Distributors, Tank Adapters, Diffusers, Hub and Lateral Assemblies, In / Out Tank Heads and many other Components. Click here for more details. 
  • A wide range of automatic and manual control valve for softener and filters.
  • We deliver Australia wide.
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