8040 - 8 Inch Membranes

  • MDC Water carries 8 inch RO membrane in a wide variety of types to suit most applications including brackish water, seawater, low and ultra low pressure membranes.
  • We supply 8 inch reverse osmosis membranes for brackish water and seawater desalination at very competitive prices and prompt delivery, Contact us to provide a quote to replace 8040 RO membranes in your existing RO plant.
  • Industrial 8040 RO membrane replacements are durable, high-rejection and high-productivity elements for use in high fouling or challenging feedwater conditions.

Competitive Reverse Osmosis Membranes Comparison Guide Dow Filmtec / GE Desal / Hydranautics / Tory / CSM

Lanxess Dow Filmtec  GE Desal  Hydranautics  Toray  CSM
Lewabrane B085 HF 4040 Dow Filmetc BW30-4040 GE Desal AG4040FF Hydranautics CPA2-4040 Toray TM710 CSM RE4040-BE
Lewabrane B085 LE 4040 Dow Filmetc LE-4040   Hydranautics ESPA2-LD-4040   CSM RE4040-BLN
Lewabrane B085 FR 4040     Hydranautics LFC3-LD-4040 Toray TML10D  
Lewabrane S085 HR 4040 Dow Filmetc SW30-4040 GE Desal SE4040FF Hydranautics SWC1-4040 Toray TM-810L CSM RE4040-SHA
Lewabrane B400 HF Dow Filmetc BW30-400 GE Desal AG8040F400 Hydranautics CPA3 Toray TM720-400 CSM RE8040-BE
Lewabrane B400 HR Dow Filmetc BW30-400   Hydranautics CPA5-LD    
Lewabrane B400 FR Dow Filmetc BW30-400FR   Hydranautics LFC3-LD-8040 Toray TML20D-400 CSM RE8040-FEn34
Lewabrane B400 LE Dow Filmetc LE-400 GE Desal AK8040F Hydranautics ESPA Toray TM820H-370 CSM RE8040-BL
Lewabrane S400 HR Dow Filmetc SW30HRLE–400   Hydranautics SWC3 Toray TM820H-400 CSM RE8040-SH
Lanxess Dow Filmtec GE / Desal Hydranautics Toray CSM

PS: this chart is a general guide only, please email us to source membranes for you or offer an alternative that is currently stocked

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